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The development of exhibition industry in Germany

For decades, the global trade fair industry has been geared towards Germany, because it is home to the largest sales and also the highest-yielding trade shows. On the one hand, this is due to the forward-looking and investment-oriented political leadership for the construction and expansion of the exhibition grounds, and on the other hand to the strong economic structure in many areas. Of course, the deep-rooted conviction of the entrepreneurs that trade fairs are of particular value is of course also a major factor.

Germany as a trade fair stronghold

No matter in which state the exhibition infrastructure in Germany is at a very high level. Thus, new halls or even entire grounds are built at regular intervals, which of course also sets a strong and innovative sign for the exhibiting economy. In recent years, for example, the exhibition areas such as BMO Centre and BIMC have been rebuilt.

These investments are always particularly supported by politicians, so that a clear commitment to the trade fair location Germany in general prevails. The fact that there are world-leading trade fairs such as the CeBIT , the Hanover Industrial Fair or even in small, specialized industries is, of course, the result of the interaction of all forces: the trade fair manager, the industry associations, the exhibiting industry, the media and just as well the politics.

Trade fair cooperation with service providers

It is clear that trade fairs are a unique reflection of the current economic situation. Depending on the economic situation, more or fewer entrepreneurs participate in fairs. On the other hand, many companies are more likely to engage in anti-cyclical activities: If the economic engine falters, these companies are certainly there to attract attention and receive orders.

A special feature of the exhibition industry is the numerous service providers that make up the overall exhibition image. Because the professional appearance at trade fairs is decisive, and the trade fair stand designers and designers as well as clothing suppliers for stand personnel or promotional products suppliers are helpful in helping. The fitting trade fair logistics with professional companies is another important part of the trade fair organization .

Trade fairs as a marketing tool

Many companies recognize that trade shows are a major piece of the mosaic in the marketing mix. At trade fairs, you can present yourself, differentiate yourself from the competition and use the many customer and media contacts. In  Germany, these advantages are particularly anchored in entrepreneurship, which results in strong trade fairs and in-depth market presence across entire industries.

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