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Chatbots_ The future of recruitment

Chatbots: The future of recruitment

Chatbots allow users to communicate using a channel that’s familiar and accessible to the candidate. Doing so, they help both the candidates as well as the recruiting organization in a number of ways. Let’s see why chatbots are all set to becoming the future of recruitment: 1. Save time and money Right from sifting through


Embly launches new e-commerce website for events management

Embly is an end-to-end, multiplatform solution for events management in all the different event phases: pre-event, during and after the event. The product has been tested and used in different events since 2014 and allows cost and time minimization in the preparation of an event. The solution includes a mobile application for iOS and Android,

E-commerce Berlin Expo

E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019

E-commerce Berlin Expo 2019  – Ready… Set… Go!   Official Website: https://ecommerceberlin.com/ Date and Venue: 20th February 2019, STATION Berlin   The E-commerce Berlin Expo finished strong with a successful third edition on 15 February 2018 in Berlin with more than 5000 visitors, 130 exhibitors and 35+ speakers from the entire e-commerce sector gathered for a

digital transformation with Salesforce

Digital Transformation Goals by leveraging the Salesforce Platform

  Cloud Infomatics is a leading specialized technology consulting firm based in India, helping customers realize their Digital Transformation Goals by leveraging the Salesforce Platform. Through proven and successful methodology and technology, CI provides effective Salesforce services, such as Salesforce administration, consulting, configuration, integration, product development, implementation, customization, training and support. This project showcase shows the

zen technologies combat center

Zen Technologies’ Combat Training Centre

Background: Terrorism and Asymmetric warfare is a major issue all across the world. It has been observed worldwide that there are four key issues, which if managed correctly, could have reduced the impact of the terrorist attacks. The Challenges: Lack of Communication – Due to a lack of communication between organizations, the magnitude of the situation

data governance

Data Governance, Analytics and the role of the CIO

Trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and tighter data protection regulation (GDPR) are set to exponentially increase the volume of data that businesses gather and have to manage. Certainly, IT infrastructure will need to be updated to enable and secure the myriad of new devices wishing to connect but for CIO’s, improving IT

big data and future

Nipun Mistry on Big Data & The Future

Approaching as a steady fast Mid-2018; the world as we see it is digging deep into the Data and Information Sharing period and we are witnessing the development of Big Data.   “Big Data” as a generic topic refers to the bespoke ways in which organisations, including government and businesses, combine diverse digital datasets and

autonomous cars

Mobility Domination: Are There Risks in Creating Self-Driving Monopolies? 

The drive to deploy autonomous cars for commercial and consumer use is gaining speed and will usher a new era of transportation. Technology industry and car manufacturing giants such as Nvidia and Audi are joining forces to create autonomous cars for sale by 2020. National and municipal governments are helping to usher in this new paradigm in transportation as well – Singapore will implement self-driving taxis this year and Dubai has deployed

CONDA Package Manager

This is an introduction to Conda which un-complicates the life of Data Scientists and Developers alike and whose development has been led by the Analytics Inc., whose founders are the originators of Numpy! A library which is the backbone of entire python Data Science ecosystem.   Let’s go over the problems that it is designed


Blockchain for the Enterprise

Most organizations have not implemented Blockchain, but few are venturing into the development stage of projects and decentralized applications.  There’s immeasurable hype and promise, backed by an intense amount of research and investment but few marketable or even consumer viable solutions.  Skepticism is abound, with newly anointed Blockchain and Crypto experts emerging daily on LinkedIn. 

data science

JULIA language for Data Science 

The modern world of Data Science is driven by many different languages and softwares. Like the world of JavaScript where a frontend framework makes its way into the tech. scene – the python world is dominated by an immensely innovative stream in Machine Learning frameworks. From Tensor flow to PyTorch, we still have many more

the third wave of ai

Really Useful Machine Learning — RUMLSM

Abstract AI advances represent a great technological opportunity, but also possible perils. This The case outlined here involves Deep Learning Black-Boxes and their risk issues in an environment that requires compliance with legal rules and industry best practices.  We examine a technological means to attempt to solve the Black-box problem for this case, referred to

technology drivers

Technology Drivers in 2018

Vikrant Labde , CTO, Cuelogic Technologies The last couple of years have been crazy with the amount of innovation and buzz around Cloud Computing, #Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and BlockChain. BigData has been there for a while, however, access to these technologies was limited and relatively expensive. Overall innovation in the public cloud


The Future Of Storytelling Is 59 Second Videos

The AllTechEvent team caught up with Paritosh Sharma, founder and CEO of: 59second.com. Paritosh believes that 59Second videos are the future of storytelling. We spoke to Paritosh to understand how can 59Second videos help businesses in growth? The greatest business leaders in the world share one secret. They all believe in the power of communication.

HR Datafication

HR Datafication

Author Profile: Madhav Vamsi M Advisory & Consulting, Startups. EX-Tata’s/ Microsoft/ Flipkart Connect with him on Linkedin Why HR matters now more than ever! Every industry irrespective of its size or location face critical business challenges. Organizations do need to build new capabilities to address challenges. & here is that vacuum which is an opportunity

big datad

Understanding the different V’s of Big Data

We are in 2018, the “big data” is devoted buzzword of the year in computer science. “Glory to Big Data” … But what is it? For some time now, companies need large volumes of data (web, retail, telecom, …). This domain is reserved for them, and requires specific and specific projects that are adapted to


Effective Application Management & Efficient E-Recruiting

The age of the Internet does not stop at the personnel planning. More and more companies are entering so-called e-recruiting, ie the electronic processing of the application process, and refrain from job advertisements in the press and the time-consuming processing of many applications. The advantages of e-recruiting lie in the efficiency and constant accessibility of

customer management

More service leads to more customer satisfaction

In order to not only increase their own image, but at the same time to achieve more satisfaction in the customer base, more and more companies are relying on professional customer service . They provide new as well as long-standing customers with competent contact persons from their own ranks, who will help with all kinds


The development of exhibition industry in Germany

For decades, the global trade fair industry has been geared towards Germany, because it is home to the largest sales and also the highest-yielding trade shows. On the one hand, this is due to the forward-looking and investment-oriented political leadership for the construction and expansion of the exhibition grounds, and on the other hand to


Event Report from Cloud Com 2017

Over the years, Cloud Com event has gradually become part of the panorama of milestones for the IT sector. Here, without particular concerns of hierarchization, the aspects which particularly questioned me are included in this event report from Cloud Com 2017: 1. The Cloud in the audience For reasons of sovereignty, the public authorities operate

cloud computing

Better Application development with Cloud Computing | IBM

The Cloud, a unique opportunity For many companies, the advent of #cloud computing represents a unique opportunity to reduce the costs of developing and operating applications (essential to the smooth running of business). Beyond the expertise and technology that IBM brings to its customers to implement cloud computing, it is essential to support our customers


Trade Show Displays

Attending fairs can be a very effective form of marketing a business. Exhibitions are effective because they target the group gathered in one place at one time. They are also what the company has to offer, open. In fact, in some sectors of the great annual fair is the only way to reach out to


What You Need To Know About Running A Small Business

Operating a small business could be a difficult task. You’d be confronted with issues which might be distinctive and particular to the type of enterprise that you just operating. These problems might pop up once you least expected it and you might want to be ready when it happens. Concepts for Managing a Small Enterprise