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customer management

More service leads to more customer satisfaction

In order to not only increase their own image, but at the same time to achieve more satisfaction in the customer base, more and more companies are relying on professional customer service . They provide new as well as long-standing customers with competent contact persons from their own ranks, who will help with all kinds of questions and will find the best possible solution to problems that arise. Customer service therefore means offering your customers a wide range of additional services that go far beyond the actual main service.

Additional services supplement the main service of a company

Companies can offer their customers additional services in many different forms. A small free shampoo sample, which the customer receives when shopping at the drugstore, is just as much about good customer service as support for setting up and assembling after purchasing new furniture. Last but not least, the award of certain rights is one of the additional services provided by a company, for example, the award of a right of exchange.

Since services of this kind do not belong to the actual main services, companies are not obliged to offer them to their customers. However, companies can only benefit from a wide range of services , since it promotes customer loyalty and increases overall satisfaction with the company.

With the right software for improved customer service

While only the result of the additional services is really interesting for the customer, companies place equal value on another aspect: the internal processes and processes that enable the implementation of the services offered to continue to be optimized. The right customer management software can be easily integrated into the existing customer service structures and simplifies a wide range of processes, such as complaint or complaint management. Numerous different ways of evaluating information enable users of the customer service software to respond to customer feedback within a very short time.

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