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HR Datafication

HR Datafication

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Madhav Vamsi M

Advisory & Consulting, Startups. EX-Tata’s/ Microsoft/ Flipkart

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Why HR matters now more than ever!

Every industry irrespective of its size or location face critical business challenges. Organizations do need to build new capabilities to address challenges. & here is that vacuum which is an opportunity for HR to play a leadership role, enabling organizations to meet critical business challenges like Globalizations & rapid expansion of global markets, the challenge & opportunity for HR to think globally and act locally, the Glocal, challenges like how to partner to scale business and turn profitable, challenges like Intellectual Capital, how to hire, retain, develop individuals and turn strong employee advocacy. I think perhaps greatest competitive challenges organization face now is the need to “Change” & adjusting to change, its like never ending transformation & enduring change.

Can Technology Address?

Today technology is booming & it has transformed the face & pace of business. Are you part of these transformations? In this article, I want to draw your attention to HR using technology & enabling transformations using technology.

& I ask you fellow HR colleagues, are you well placed to take your organization into Digital Future.

  • Are you leveraging social & digital platforms to manage your HR challenges?
  • HR Innovation in the age of Technology
  • Do you think AI & ML will optimize every stage of the recruitment process? & would equip both HR & Business leaders with personalized research tools to pick out the relevant talent.
  • HR Technology for User Experience
  • HR Technology for Jobseekers

People Analytics in the age of Big Data for decision making

I am a devout user of LinkedIn. My passion multiplies with every passing day for the way LinkedIn “datafied” our professional connections. For me, this process is datafication. I believe Datafication is seen as the next big thing in management.

How can the HR fraternity benefit from the big data & automation revolution? There is an imperative need to introspect deep and to define the problem areas in an organization. Areas like team collaboration, benchmarking best cognitive and psychometric behavioral patterns, predicting possible exits, most importantly answer for ‘what is likely to happen and how can HR be better prepared?’ HR datafication is vital and a key to HR success, for which the journey must begin by arriving at a problem statement.


With tremendous economic anxiousness & constant need to change; delivering growth, controlling costs and risk management according to me are the key challenges for the HR fraternity. Organizations now realize the scope in improving organizational efficiency and OD, an imperative need to seek data, right and relevant data as per the contextual environment a particular organization is operating at.


The opportunity for HR is to swiftly and aggressively distinguish from the traditional systems and be adept at looking at the technology data engines and analytics. Most importantly the art to mine data, identifying relationships, patterns, hypothesis and testing them, data digging and analysis etc. as per me would clearly be a source of competitive advantage for an HR Professional NOW. HR needs to be agile in harnessing big data for the business performance and results.


Today as we read into the success stories of organizations who have immensely reaped benefits out of analytics, the likes of Google who datafied search, similarly LinkedIn, datafying professional network, there is no second thought that each of these businesses is harnessing big data for its growth and in turn value for share. Having said that, success stories are from companies prominently from the Western World. We are yet to see remarkable examples of an Indian firm creating stories about the possible benefits earned using technology & big data.

Unlike a data/technology geek, HR is unable to ask/have the right questions. HR is unable to form equations, simple questions like who are the segments that are leaving the organization or macro questions like how to build a stronger talent pipeline for the Global Economic recovery. As an HR professional, am I able to distinguish the cognitive abilities of a particular project reaping benefits mapped and replicate the pattern across other projects? As an HR am I able to investigate the key challenges of the HR function analyzed? And once analyzed, are we as HR able to build sustainable solutions to the key challenges using hypothesis or right predictive analysis? Are we as HR able to use data engines effectively?

For me, the real data revolution still lies ahead! And it’s time we seriously capture the opportunity now. Right now! When more is expected of the HR function, a higher quality of HR professional must be found.  Hard work Ahead! But Possible. It begins with destroying the stereotype.

This post was authored By Madhav Vamsi M

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