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Embly launches new e-commerce website for events management

Embly is an end-to-end, multiplatform solution for events management in all the different
event phases: pre-event, during and after the event. The product has been tested and
used in different events since 2014 and allows cost and time minimization in the
preparation of an event.

The solution includes a mobile application for iOS and Android, a responsive website for
the event, registration and automatic check-in, an e-mail tool among other features for
event automation.

From January 2019 is possible to acquire three types of packages according to the
organizer needs: the Basic package offers a website for the event, the Pro package adds
the mobile applications for iOS and Android and the Premium package completes with the
automatic check-in for the event. This packages can be purchased at www.embly.events.

Currently, the Basic package is on a launching promotion with a 48h trial without
additional costs and credit card information needed.

“Embly is a tool that facilitates and automates the logistics of an event, allowing event
organizers the freedom to focus on other tasks, equally important” states Pedro Varela,
product owner, confirming the positioning of Embly, a product that eases the life of all
type of event organizers.

About Embly
Embly is a spinoff from Bliss Applications, created in 2014, it plays a role in the events
industry, with a focus in event management, event dynamization and automation. Embly
brings big names in the portfolio: Impresa, MSD, Neopop, Lilly, Fidelidade, Greenfest,
TEDxPorto among others.

For more information contact:
Gabriela Araújo – garaujo@embly.events
Telephone: +351 220 731 365

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