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Effective Application Management & Efficient E-Recruiting

The age of the Internet does not stop at the personnel planning. More and more companies are entering so-called e-recruiting, ie the electronic processing of the application process, and refrain from job advertisements in the press and the time-consuming processing of many applications. The advantages of e-recruiting lie in the efficiency and constant accessibility of eg online ads, which can significantly increase the number of applicants. Especially applicant management can be significantly improved, thereby saving time and hiring costs.

Advantage of e-recruiting for companies

A special application management software offers a variety of possibilities for preselecting submitted applications, be it aptitude tests, special education profiles or personality traits. By setting various filters, the software immediately selects who fits into the job profile you are looking for. In particular, when several vacancies are advertised, an electronic solution greatly facilitates the work of HR departments, as the flood of incoming documents is automatically processed.

Benefits of e-recruitment for jobseekers

For job-seekers too, an application management software within a company is very helpful. When applying online, job seekers save time and money and can provide the often extensive documents electronically. Thus more job seekers can apply for the right job since several applications can be supervised online easily.

Software for e-recruiting

There are quite a few providers of e-recruiting software solutions in the market that provide information online. An IT solution for a company should fit the specific requirements and be easy to handle. Emphasis should be placed on quality and service when selecting and customizing because integrating a application management software with existing internal systems lays the foundation for effective human resources management. In principle, an application management software of the HR department can not replace the personal interview with the job-seeker. But the pre-selection, the elaborate views of the documents and the associated flood of paper can be safely left to the computer.

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