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Chatbots_ The future of recruitment

Chatbots: The future of recruitment

Chatbots allow users to communicate using a channel that’s familiar and accessible to the candidate. Doing so, they help both the candidates as well as the recruiting organization in a number of ways. Let’s see why chatbots are all set to becoming the future of recruitment:

1. Save time and money

Right from sifting through the resumes to answering initial queries of applications, chatbots can do all of it without the need of a human executive sitting in front of a computer. It can also determine if a particular candidate is well suited for the job opening at hand. Thereby saving a lot of time of the organization as well as the candidate.

2. Making the application process much more effective

Chatbots help engage the candidates during the initial phase of the application. This ensures that the number of midway drop-outs reduces and the whole process is carried out seamlessly. Even if the candidate drops-out midway, the bots can nudge them subtly and take the application process forward. From scheduling appointments for interviews to sharing information on new job openings and letting the candidate know about the application status, a chatbot can help make the job application process less cumbersome.

3. Making the pre-screening process extremely transparent

Post the interview, there is usually a lot of uneasy silence between the recruiter and a candidate. Chatbots can help fill this gap by using a pre-screening process to make the entire activity extremely engaging and interactive. By letting candidates know their status of application instantly, chatbots help candidates take the next appropriate step without wasting any time. This transparency of the application process also helps reduce a lot of back and forth procedures for the HR management and candidate.

4. Automating routine tasks

All of the cumbersome mechanical tasks like sifting through CVs, scheduling interviews, coordinating internally, are extremely important, albeit routine. A chatbot can automate all these tasks, thereby allowing HR professionals and internal teams to focus on more productive tasks.

While many people feel that chatbots are likely to make jobs obsolete, the fact of the matter is that they actually help ease recruiter’s job and make it effective, and not redundant.

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