The AVR360 Show

The AVR360 Show | Wearable Technology Show

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AVR360 conference track features Keynotes from industry luminaries. There will also be classes, tutorials, product and start-up demos, as well as detailed real-life use cases from businesses both large and small.

Our Technology and Futurism expert talks the potential for Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Realities in our future. From enterprise, to consumer, there is every chance that our futures will deliver layers of reality, enhancing worldwide education and productivity.

Anyone working in or around augmented, mixed or virtual reality, including designers, developers, senior executives, futurists, manufacturers, analysts, investors, and press.


The worn, smooth cobbles and rustic architecture of Lisbons streets were certainly an excellent backdrop for this years Web Summit.

A planned trial of a chat-bot app has been abandoned, after patients admitted they would manipulate the system in order to see a GP quicker. Babylon…read more


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