Internet Of Things Developers Conference

Internet of Things Developers Conference | JUNE 5-6, 2018 – SANTA CLARA, CA

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Connecting Things, People, the World

  • The only conference and trade show focused specifically on the IoT product developer.
  • In-depth technical analysis, tutorials, business strategies, and product updates.
  • Hands-on demonstrations help you learn by first-hand experience.

The 2018 IoT DevCon focuses on technologies ranging from IoT device design to gateway deployment and from software optimization strategies to security solutions, as well as applying deep-learning techniques to monitor and manage the enormous loads of device-generated data. Topics include:

  • Designing ultra-low power IoT nodes
  • Exploring connectivity protocols and industry standards
  • Building hubs to harness the data explosion
  • Utilizing software development environments for M2M applications
  • IoT Gateways
  • Understanding and managing security-related issues, taking the IoT into the cloud
  • Making money with the Internet of Things
  • How IoT Technologies are Impacting Key Markets & New Products
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • The future of what IoT will bring

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