The Future Of Storytelling Is 59 Second Videos

The AllTechEvent team caught up with Paritosh Sharma, founder and CEO of:

Paritosh believes that 59Second videos are the future of storytelling. We spoke to Paritosh to understand how can 59Second videos help businesses in growth?

The greatest business leaders in the world share one secret. They all believe in the power of communication. The leaders of the internet world understand the leverage of global platforms and consistent communication.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an incredible example of the power of consistent communication that is honest, it inspires and delivers value for the one’s watching it.

In India Swami Ramdev is an incredible example.He is on your TV screen doing Yoga every day. He communicates without selling anything to you. This is why he is able to inspire, engage and rally people to build a tribe.

Consistent communication builds confidence and trust in the world around you. For any entrepreneur/ business owner the most important asset to buy is people’s attention. The world has been misled into believing that marketing is the answer for any brand/ business to capture and command people’s attention.

If that was true, Patanjali wouldn’t have become the billion dollar enterprise in India. Because ideally the MNC’s spending millions on marketing should have the largest market share, right?

I call 59Second videos as the future of communication because the world is consuming content on mobile and the attention spans are increasingly reducing.

Within a short span of 2.5 months has achieved an average viewing time of 1 hour every day. Our goal is to reach 3 hours of viewership daily by May 2018.

Emerging businesses are now starting their own video series / episodes in 59Second videos. We help emerging businesses design their own video series on

I invite the world to communicate everyday in 59Second videos.

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